Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Unauthorized blood donation

I was out today in Warren-tucky aka Warren County, NJ. It was a small site so I thought we would be done real quick with relatively little effort. Not the case. First off it's a white trash autobody place and there are dozens of abandoned vehicles everywhere. Half of which are mostly full of garbage. I even spotted a dead rat in a puddle next to a car. They have been filling wetlands to create a place to park these gems, which is a violation of the wetland rules. And they are using chunks of asphalt, concrete bits, broken up gravestones, and just plain junk to build up the land. Add a dense cover of prickers and weeds taller than me. Now add some light rain so everything is real slick. So walking around is real challenging because the ground is so uneven and slippery, and you can't see where you are going. The wetlands are no better and just a jungle of prickers and other dense shrubs. If that isn't enough fun, now throw in swarms of mosquitoes that are dying for blood. When they get fierce they try to go in your eyes, ears, nose, etc. I wish I had my headnet with me. Alas I left it in the truck.

This van is not from this place but I saw it someplace else. I can't even imagine the glare all that paper throws on the windshield but I guess they can't live without all that crap.

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