Saturday, December 22, 2007

Left coast - Muir Woods

I've been to Muir Woods at least four times now. It's a treat to come in via the Golden Gate bridge and then head right into curving hillside passes. There's a spot along the way that has a great view of San Fran. I guess this spot has really caught on considering there now was a hotdog truck parked there. What was new for me at Muir Woods was this sign. I didn't realize that Muir Woods had become a hotbed of first amendment activity that it needed it's own area.
California is in a period of drought and it was apparent here. By this time of year, the Woods should be a dewy and wet place. Not this time. More redwoods had fallen since my last trip, but in the right spot it was dark enough you thought it was past sunset.

I do enjoy seeing all the lichens, moss, and ferns sprouting all over the trees. I met up with some bear friends. Check out the one hiding in the corner.


Jules said...

You look so cute. I love that purse!

Colleen said...

Amazing, those woods. & cute pic of you!