Sunday, December 2, 2007

Half a heart

This weekend has been full of little rodent action. I haven't been diligently checking my "have a heart" live traps in the basement because I wasn't catching anything. I had hoped that my ceiling patching was a success. But sure enough I checked yesterday and shockingly there was a dead mouse in a trap. Sad. It didn't smell so it must have been recent. I let the little mouse go in the landscaping and cleaned everything. There was a lot of presents left inside the trap and all around it. I refilled the trap with a cashew since I'm all out of Reese's PBC. This morning I checked the traps and sure enough there was a live mouse eating the cashew. It was snowing this morning so I grabbed my snow boots and was going to walk it to freedom. But I was worried it would just come back so I took it for a drive. I let it go by a pine tree and before I even had the chance to turn the camera on and fully open the trap, it shot out like a rocket. We played some hide and go seek around the tree, but it outsmarted me and disappeared. So there's no picture of my hostage.

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Kartek said...

Caught another live mouse yesterday and drove it to freedom...this one jumped out of the trap. Funny and cute.