Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Left Coast - Final Chapter

I was all set for my cramped and lengthy flight back to NJ and the last thing/person I expected to see on my flight was Andrew Shue aka Billy from Melrose Place. He was riding coach with us steerage in the back. Although as you can see, he got the desirable emergency exit row and two rows in front of me. He was already boarded when I got there and I didn't see him at the gate. At first I was unsure it was him, but then I heard his voice and it was clear.

He was chatting to the man in the middle seat...a friend, manager type? (does he even still act or need one?), or relative. He didn't watch any of the movies (smart choice!!!) and never got up to the bathroom. We were just starting to get our food and a flight attendant comes by with a special meal. The flight attendant asks what Andrew/Billy's name was and he responds "Shue". The flight attendant then goes "Oh. Actually this is a kid's meal. Nevermind." It was for the girl sitting directly behind him. Andrew/Billy goes "Are you messing with me?" to the flight attendant, which I thought was a little snotty....like you KNOW who I am. Well at least I'm pretty sure Andrew/Billy's seat was kicked the majority of the flight by this girl named Sunny. I know this, because Sunny could barely contain herself in the few minutes of boarding/exiting the plane. She introduced herself to anyone within earshot and started firing off questions to everyone around her. Her asian mother was beyond herself with embarassment...which made it even more over the top and a great distraction while I fired off these two lousy camera phone pics.


Jules said...

heh. cool! Looks like he lightened his hair.

Kartek said...

No. I don't think his hair is lightened. It seemed the same as when he was on Melrose, unless they darkened his hair for that?