Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Left coast - Winchester Mystery House

One of the sights in the SF bay area that I didn't get to see while living out there was the Winchester Mystery House. From what I recall, it was listed on the travel channel top 10 creepiest places. For the story about the place go here , because I'm just too lazy to rehash it. I will say that she was obsessed with the number 13, spider webs, and daisies (with 13 petals of course).

Unfortunately it has been disney-fied in the sense that there's a giant giftshop and it's surrounded by city strip malls and movie theaters. That and the step regular tour fee of $25! Our tour guide was a loud talking, bad joke telling, super animated weirdo who I think has found his calling in be a tour guide. My friend Ren had told me that a friend had taken a photo of a mirror there and a face had shown up. Regardless of the Disney affect and the annoying tour guide, I was hell bent on doing my own ghosthunting. That meant taking a zillion photos of the place and lagging behind the group to get photos without people in them. Well I thought I had something here but it's just a smudge in a mirror.

Lots of awesome stained glass and a good chunk of them were Tiffany's.

So I'm sad to say that I didn't find any spirits in my pictures. Maybe if I had gone on one of the flashlight or behind the scenes tours or been there at night, it would have been different. Otherwise, I still enjoyed the tiny stairs...each step was only about 2 inches in height and would circle around and around just to go up one flight of stairs. Supposedly in her later years, she couldn't really raise her foot very high so she had a good portion of the regular staircases removed.

Beautiful lamp. I'll take 5 of those please.

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Jules said...

Wow very cool!!!! I love that spider web window!