Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We went back to the control site on Monday after the big rains and found salamander eggs. Everything was super flooded and I was really restricted to a few feet from the edge of the pond...thanks to my knee boots. Those people with hip waders could really go in. We didn't find a large amount of eggs but the action may still be going on. We looked under a few good logs and didn't find any adult salamanders, so they may still be getting some action in the pond. Hopefully no one squished any salamanders while walking around the pond. That's the type of stuff I don't like to think about.


Lioux said...


The title of this post stared making me hungry.

Until I began reading about all the salamander fornication.


Kartek said...

I don't believe there's actual salamander action like you are thinking of. It's more of a lady picking up some packets of goodies on the bottom of a pond. The guys hang out together (known as a congress...who thinks of these terms???) and try to entice the ladies over to their packets...but that's about it.

Lioux said...


Yep. That sounds like congress.