Monday, March 3, 2008

Goodbye winter?

I was out all day in the field. It was a delightfully warm day but overall quite boring. So boring that I won't even bother showing any pics taken today.

But on saturday after the sheep visit, we got hit by a few snow squalls. I experienced for the first time the same smell that comes after the first rain. It must be a combo of wet pavement and all the pollutants being pulled out of the air. It was quite warm so there was no way the snow was going to stick. But it was enough to freak out my elderly neighbors who thought it was a snow storm coming.

This recent squall reminded me of a time a few years back that must have been in late March. Frog and salamander eggs were already out, but it was snowing like there was no tomorrow. We were unprepared so we didn't have winter jackets. It was freezing and practically a white-out, but we had to check for frog and salamander eggs in these ponds. The snow was sticking too. I'd say there was at least an inch on the ground. Then after an hour of this it finally stopped and got real warm. By the time we left, there was no snow left.

I put my snow shovel back in the basement. That's the cue for a blizzard.


Lioux said...


I saw like, tons, of bunnies out yesterday all around wherever I drove.

Hopefully we're done with winter!

Colleen said...

good! better get some snow going for when i'm there next week!