Friday, December 5, 2008

The Slow times

Work's been slow. I'm sure a lot of people are saying that. So the few times I can escape the mundane slow moving office, it's a treat. Here's some forgotten pics I took on my day two at the big farm estate. It sure was cold that morning as I crunched through the ice in my car and on foot. The rain had stopped in the middle of the night and froze on all the plants making it appear like winter. For some reason, the dried goldenrod mesmorized me. I guess it was extra white and in the best dried shape before it slowly decomposes over winter.


JDizzle said...

Gorgeous pics!

suntawrites said...

I hope work picks up real soon! :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography with us!

Colleen said...

Pretty! I'm the opposite right now, busy bee.