Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some thoughts

I haven't had any eventful field work or weekend outings lately. As you can see, winter is here a bit early and it's snowing as I type. So here's some thoughts and things going on.

I survived the company's holiday party and the accompanying bad news speech. Somehow I was at the table with the president and other major higher ups. Also present were two admin staff who were trying to start some major gossip about two married co-workers (not married to each other). At least that's who I think they were talking about since they wouldn't completely spill the beans. I'll keep my skeptical eye on that situation, but right now I'm a non-believer.

No raises and decreased bonuses again this year. Fantastic! Today I was just told that they won't be supplying tissues to us anymore. What next? Bring your own toilet paper? Work has been slow to come through the door but I'm always looking for ways to organize, market, or improve the office. I've been trying to keep busy. Aside from the lack of tissues, another thing that really irks me is that sick people still come into work. I'm not sure if they want to be sainted for their valiant effort. But seriously, you will only spread your disease to others and it's not like we are busy. So stay home and get better!

In non-work news, I've been battling somewhat of a medical mystery. I've spent way too much time and money at doctors and pharmacy and getting poked and prodded this month. What I have learned is that everyone should do their own research. Don't totally rely on doctors, because your ailment may not be their #1 speciality. They don't explore alternative or most up-to-date treatments. Plus these days, any sort of test is farmed out to a lab....so annoying. You can't even get a stinking x-ray at a doctor's office anymore. The internets are a fantastic place and I'm keeping my fingers crossed with my self-diagnosis and treatment. So far the kartek diagnosis and treatment has been the most successful. In theory, I'll hear the results of my tests tomorrow. If I was wagering, I'd say that the tests would all come back normal and provide no new information. Then I'd be back to square one...just poorer and more frazzled.


Jules said...

Hey, sorry to hear about your health issues. I can totally relate to having test after test done with no answers. If you are interested in my holistic doctor who actually has answers, let me know!

Feel better!

suntawrites said...

I am so sorry about your health issues of late and am hopeful that you will get the news and information you need from your doctors.
Also, your employer previously supplied tissues??? That is wild! I know all about decreased bonuses it's happening everywhere - this year they stopped offering to give $15 toward each employee for a Holiday Luncheon - so if we wanted one, it was all out of our pocket. Cutbacks are ruining everyone's spirit these days.
Hope you have a nice weekend and that you feel better soon!