Sunday, April 19, 2009

Death cometh

This week marked the beginning of the super rare turtle quest for the year. The weather was awesome on friday and saturday. On saturday, I hit the local area which was also known for a lot of spotted turtles, which are super cute. The wetland is remote and I have a cross a river, which makes it even more challenging. Plus, the wetland is most likely bottomless. So you are basically walking upon a network of plant and tree roots with no solid ground for quite a distance. I hit the area quite late on saturday. It was hot and the sun was starting to set. All was pretty quiet and then I spotted a large dead snapping turtle. It was sad to see, but I didn't think much of it. I was slowly making my way around the perimeter and I see what I think is a glistening blackened leaf. Then I realize it's a turtle belly. I see another proper side up turtle near it. I'm thinking woohoo although why is the turtle upside down! I slowly amble my way over since walking is difficult and I try to correct the belly up turtle. It doesn't move. It's stone dead. Then I poke the other turtle. It's dead too! Both are marked spotted turtles. I really don't understand. I then sadly continue on and see another medium sized dead snapping turtle. So it was a pretty sad journey and it seems like they deaths were pretty recent since they didn't smell or almost looked like they could be alive. I did see a live painted turtle on the river,
On my way out, I saw this carpet of wild leeks. I've never seen so many leeks in one spot.


Jules said...

I'm sorry about the turtles. Pretty leeks though!

Hooligan said...

What would cause the death of those turtles? Any ideas off the top of your head? Photos look good.

suntawrites said...

I love turtles! :(
But on a happier note, the photo of the leeks is amazing!