Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing Almond and Macademia

Well, I'm a foster turtle mommy again. My co-worker found some painted turtles hatchlings coming out of nests in the ground. He harvested the 11 hatchlings and had been taking care of all of them on his own. His backyard pond has been drained so it isn't good habitat for the hatchlings. So here I go again! I certainly enjoy watching them and bonding with them, but I hate all the cleanup that goes along with it. It's no fun lugging all the water, tank, and all the fixins up and down to the basement and the every other week tank cleaning. So I'm downsizing their home in order to reduce the cleaning burden. Their new home is a medium sized tupperware with some pebbles for basking spots. I plan on buying a larger tupperware in order to accomodate their light. I figure they won't need a heat lamp. It certainly is warm enough and even warmer in the house, rather than the basement. Almond aka Al and Macademia aka Mac are relaxing on the deck right now soaking in the unseasonable warmth and hopefully some natural sun. I plan on releasing them in early fall back to nature.

Here's Mac in a quiet moment. Mac has a dot on its belly and is slightly bigger than Al.

Al was even more uncooperative during the photo shoot. Al has a nice orange belly thanks to the dried krill food.


Colleen said...

OMG! Welcome Almond and Mac Daddy! That sounds like a much better setup, allowing for more mommy/turtle time. And I imagine they're all quiet moments, no?

Jules said...

They are really adorable.

suntawrites said...

They are so tiny and cute! :) Have fun!