Monday, April 13, 2009

New residents

During the last big wind and rain storm awhile back, I noticed some new residents. They were a pair of American crows. At first, I wasn't sure if they weren't just two crows up to crow tricks, which includes pillaging nests. Nope. It turns out it's their own stick nest. Most of the time you wouldn't notice them. But then it comes time for their incessant cawing on nearby limbs to keep away any other crows. But of course, other crows are curious and always looking for a fight. So smackdown ensues. Hopefully their nest will be sucessful. I haven't seen any crow-lets before.


suntawrites said...

Hey there, hope their nest goes well, too. I always used to see crows & always think of the negative symbolism they have - poor fellows!
Oh, and yes, I too, like Reese's PB Cups but since you can have them all year round those eggs aren't as special, ya' know? Although, those eggs sure are creamier than the normal PB cups sold throughout the year!
:) Happy Easter!

Jules said...

Some crows were in our backyward picking up sticks from a pile that I had made, picking up after a bad storm.

They started creating a nest in one of our trees but after seeing Daisy come out, they never came back. I guess they figured they could find a better residence elsewhere!