Monday, October 27, 2008

Hazards of Autumn

It's that time of year where all the sticky and spiny seeds are out. I'm not as vigilent as I should be and often leave the field covered in seeds. As you can tell from my glove, my site visit to PA ended in a bumper crop. My glove wasn't the only victim. All elastic bands of my jacket and sleeves were covered as well. While sitting in traffic on the way back, I passed the time by removing the seeds from my jacket. These seeds were covered in minute spines which I didn't pay too much mind to until I got home. There I discovered numerous spines in my fingers. Most of them are still there since I wasn't able to remove. They were so small and hard. I just hope they will work themselves out over time.


Hooligan said...

You need is a diligent bf with tweezers?

Colleen said...

Yikes. Hope that bf is on the job. This is not a hazard I am likely to experience in my line of work.

Kartek said...

At this point tweezers won't help the splinters. They are too tiny.