Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wildcat Ridge - Saint Patrick's Cemetery

The bf and I had an outing this weekend to Wildcat Ridge. There were two things to check out. First, the abandoned Saint Patrick's cemetery and second the bat cave. The trails are not really marked and after a few wrong trails we managed to find our way there. It's about a mile from either two parking areas. We chose the parking area that limited the amount of hill climbing. It sure is strange to find a cemetery in the middle of the woods. The whole area was used for mining and the path we took was an old mining road. It's clear that someone in the past few years has brought up the painted wooden crosses to help mark the forgotten graves.
A lot of the graves were from Eastern European families.

Here is some sort of interesting marker.

The majority of cemetery is really getting wild with lowbush blueberry and other shrubs starting to take over. It hides most of the gravestones. As you can see below, only one gravestone with a cross is visible.


Colleen said...

Cool, is this out somewhere by the Del. Water Gap?

Hooligan said...

I thought we would never make it out of there, life and death struggle with wrong turns.

Kartek said...

If you thought that was a life and death struggle, that's nothing! At least there were trails!

suntawrites said...

What a great post & a great outing to be had. Interesting grounds... excellent photographs.