Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'd win the multi-tasking award, if there was one.

The wetland rules as I know them change on monday. So this week was spent manically trying to get as many wetland applications to the state before monday....that means everything has to be there friday. I got an epic 8 projects submitted this week. It was multi-tasking to the max. The most troublesome project was a very high profile project where everyone (client, engineer, lawyers, etc.) seemed apathetic to the deadline. I guess they thought we could snap our fingers and we didn't have any actual work to do nevermind copies to make. I sent more emails with the red exclamation point than ever.

I thought everything was done or completely under control until at 6:30 pm tonight I got a call from the head secretary. A hand delivery of application materials was supposed to be dropped off by 5:30 tonight. I had left at 5 pm and the package was not there yet. I left a message for my boss venting my frustration about broken promises. Then while cooking dinner (again the multi-tasking) I sent a mass email out basically saying "what the hell?". Thankfully, I got a response that they will be dropped off tomorrow morning. I'll believe it when it actually happens and I'm so done with broken promises.

In the midst of the late morning insanity, I knocked over a very full hole puncher. It burst open and deposited a zillion holes on the carpet. I said something like "I can't deal with that and besides we have cleaning people." The other secretaries agreed and couldn't be bothered since they were in my same boat of insanity. A few hours later I spotted my boss/senior vice president in front of the human resources person/president's secretary. She goes to me "you know there IS a vacuum in the ladies room." I go "Frankly I don't have time to vacuum." and my boss and I scurried away to discuss the latest crisis. He agreed that I should not waste time vacuuming and that the cleaning people would take care of it that night. I was going to direct any future vacuuming inquires to him since he's one of the big bosses. Later on, I saw one of the secretaries vacuuming and I felt bad and offered to take over. Together we sucked up the holes.

To top it off, I got a call from the Township Fire Department asking when I was getting my chimney swept. I told them in a couple weeks and they said that I should let the condo association know....i.e I've missed some sort of deadline. I'm guessing the condo association goofed on our deadline, which is December 31st. It was dryer vents which had to be cleaned by June 30th, which I did. The condo association certainly knows how to rile me up with their jerk behavior. I'm sure they are chomping at the bit to issues fines all around. Since I have the day off, I'll be sure to swing by and throw the couple of pieces of paper that shows that they are wrong. I'd hate to have people like me get unwarranted fines from the condo board. On top of that the Fire Company can issue hefty fines as well. Again, unwarranted since we have until December 31st to comply. I sort of knew this was coming from their horrible monthly newsletter that stated that the condo board was reporting any person who didn't comply with the fireplace/dryer vent to the Fire Department. I thought perhaps they meant people who didn't comply in 2006, which was the last chimney sweep.

You are probably wondering why I used the same photo so many times. That's because lovely blogger wouldn't provide any breaks between the paragraphs no matter how many lines I left in the compose window. Thanks blogger! Way to top off my week.


Hooligan said...

What you need is a full day of rummage sales, dinner & a movie!

Colleen said...

i really enjoyed your technique for breaking up the paragraphs. if you don't want to use photos, you can put in a little html, just type this:

< br >

only delete the spaces i have around br.

there's prob some joke to be made about the holes and a-holes but my brain isn't working right today.

suntawrites said...

I'd give it to you!

P.S. About the show on ghosts, I am totally bummed I missed it - that's so cool - thank you for telling me about it.


Lioux said...

I Love, Love, Love the photo...I think it illustrated your points very well!

BTDubs...I have a copy of the new Sister Kisser®™©™ CD for you.