Saturday, October 18, 2008

Junkyard minus the dog

My company got hired by a town to review an environmental report prepared by an engineer. It's an engineer we work occassionally with so we can't totally slam them in our review. But I will say that environmental reports should not be written by engineers who know nothing about wetlands, plants, wildlife, etc. It's a fine line that I will have to walk in my review. It's also a shame that the applicant (a major company that we all know) is not getting the best advice. It'll be a great project if the engineer can get it together. Really anything is an improvement from the auto junkyard it is now. It's surrounded by development and forested wetlands along a major river.

We had our site walk with the property owner, the engineer, and the township and we got there early. We went from nasty junkyard to forested wetlands in a few feet. It was surprisingly quiet and nice in the wetlands. The only downside was the auto parts strewn all across the landscape. We saw in the far distance this big hulking rusted structure. What was it? A giant tank, a trailer, a bus? I was right. It was an ancient bus.

So the big question is what will they do with these auto parts and vehicles in the wetlands and floodplain? To remove them will require heavy machinery and the removal of trees. It's painstaking to dismantle by hand and remove in small parts. There is massive amounts of parts out there. It could fill another junkyard!


Junk Man said...

id sure love to have a stab at the parts sitting around out there.. i'm sure there are some gems

suntawrites said...

That comment from junk man is a riot!
Hope you have a great weekend!
Thank you for your comments on my blog - if you go to Newark, lemme know what you think - check out their website & make sure it's something you'd enjoy! :)

Colleen said...

WOAH! It's like LOST!

Kartek said...

sorry junk man. the property owner and junkyard owner is already taking a good shot at those treasures.

Kartek said...

Cokane. That's exactly what I was thinking.