Monday, February 9, 2009

Hibernation mode

Winter hibernation mode has continued. Field work has been slim to none with nothing of interest to report on. In addition, it feels like every week there's a mini winter storm event. The bf and I have ventured to Great Swamp a bunch of times in past month. Rough-legged (that's pronounced legg-ed for you non bird nerds). We've also seen at a great distance some other interesting but I only really enjoy rare birds at a close proximity.
This weekend I attempted to have a stay-cation where I didn't do anything. During vacuuming, I randomly pulled my back. So I'm tending to a sore back. Then I noticed a large puddle underneath the kitchen sick. Turns out the sprayer is leaking and dripping down below. Dad was summoned and he bought a new sprayer which turned out to be cracked and also leaking. Old leaky was put back on and now lives lying in the sink to avoid creating a new puddle below the sink. I can't say that lying underneath the sink did any good things to my back. But I guess that's how it goes.
Aside from the bad weekend events, spring was still trying to get a head start. It broke 50 degrees on sunday and the windows were open and jackets were optional. Given my back situation and attempts at relaxation, I started and finished the daily coyote book. I highly recommend it to anyone.


Jules said...

What sort of job does your bf do?

I hope your back feels better!

Hooligan said...

Would you be interested in extreme birding from now on?

Colleen said...

Ah, too bad. My knee's been bad since I was up there for Xmas. We're old!

suntawrites said...

Your photos are gorgeous, as usual. I miss the Great Swamp.
I did pronounce Legged correctly in my head - surprise surprise.
I am sorry you pulled your back and hope that you are feeling better now...