Monday, April 16, 2007

Backstreet's back alright

On saturday, my cousin talked me into going to the local country hangout. It was apparent that this was a VERY popular place by the super packed parking lot. After forking over a ridic cover charge, we were whisked to an alternate realty full of tight and light colored jeans, auto parts shirts, and other fashion don'ts. Boots and cowboy hats of any variety were practically mandatory. Matching outfits were optional but encouraged. They were filming a commercial for the place that night so we might be lucky enough to be in this probable local cable access channel commercial. It was a struggle just to walk around since it was so crowded. I made the faux pas by walking along the edge of the dance floor to get to the adjacent tables and received a loud "Go around!" Mind you I was not the only one walking/standing around the edge. I guess they knew I was an outsider by my lack of mandatory apparel.

For whatever reason there was a mainstream high school punk cover band in the room with the mechanical bull. That was entertaining for a brief moment. The dance floor full of rotating characters was far more exciting. Each song had its own choreographed number. Singles rock out in the center and couples rotate around the edge of the dance floor. You must comply with said dance routine. No originality is allowed. Then I thought I heard it all when backstreet boys' "backstreet's back alright" song was busted out. Again this song had it's own choreographed number which everyone knew. Whether it matches the video, I can't say but I bet it does. I'm pretty sure another backstreet song was busted out later on. Aside from watching the dancing, you get to see the battle plan for the singles. Step 1) locate object of desire, Step 2) dance near them, Step 3) wait for positive response, and lastly 4) if positive response is received, ask for a couple's dance.


Colleen said...

:0 how did she ever convince you to go? I think I know what place it was, and I think a certain brother of mine used to be quite the regular there. That would be fun just to watch everything, although I've already been dragged to it when my bro & aunt were all into it...I remember being forced to dance with some hick, not knowing or caring to know the dance, and being SO unhappy. My aunt was all urging me to have fun. Not like this, I won't.

Kartek said...
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Jules said...

I actually worked there as a waitress for a summer before college! It was the only restaurant I ever worked at that served bull testicals as an entree.