Sunday, April 1, 2007

old money

We've been working on this wetland delineation in an extremely large estate in southern Somerset County, NJ. I would say it's comparable to the Rockefeller estates. It has the typical large estate house and other random old homes. We've been there since the fall and the property includes greenhouses, statue gardens and randomly placed statues, many artificial lakes and waterfalls, at least one pet cemetary, and several farms including all your favorite animals...cows, horses, ponies, at least one very loud donkey, homing pigeons, chickens, guinea hens, dogs, and farm cats.

This past outing, my female co-worker (lets call her Heidi) and I took the company truck..affectionately called the "exploder". She's pretty brazen as to where she drives it since it saves us walking. But we've been lucky. We have not gotten stuck but we did hit this small ditch that probably should have blown a tire out. We were distracted by cute barking dogs in the distance. We had some nice whiplash action on that bump. We have also been kicking the boy team's ass with the number of wetland flags hung. I think we hung like 50 wetland flags in less than an hour which a record for me.
Day 2 comes and I get a call from my male co-worker (lets call him Carmine). first thing in the morning. Carmine says that he got his Rav-4 stuck and needs our help. We find security (a rarity on a site) and ask for help, since our truck does not have any tow straps. Carmine and our other co-worker "the birdman" had already made an attempt and are super muddy. For whatever reason, there's a tarp wrapped around the wheel. I don't recommed using a tarp to provide traction. We slowly attempt to make a Roman road of logs. The whole time we are thinking that a tractor is coming to help so half the time we are just hanging out. An hour passes and we've manage to move the truck 50 painful feet. I'm driving since I'm the lightest and no help pushing. After we drive on top of the Roman road, the logs become one with the mud and we can't reuse them. Finally another truck comes but they are driving the same muddy route. It's a dualie..y'know four wheels on the back axle. Carmine goes to stop them but it's too late. Now they are stuck too and it's worse then us. BTW the guys driving that truck are perfect plumber types/WWE fans complete with cigarettes, beer guts, plumber's crack, colored mirrored sunglasses with that florescent piece of plastic across the top. The 2 guys are now pissed and say that they weren't even supposed to help us. So we get back to building our Roman road and after one final push we get it free. It was quite the drive to get the truck free and avoid the other truck in reverse. I wish I had a picture of my tracks because it sure was snakey.

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