Monday, April 30, 2007

Old School

One of the benefits of having a job that involves the outdoors is stumbling upon old stuff. Large farms usually have at least one farm dump where it's a treasure trove of old bottles and other goodies. I found this old building today while turtling. It's actually a pretty small building...about the size of my kitchen. I have no idea what this building is for. Right now a very small stream runs through it. It has 2 windows and 2 doors. One door is up if this building had 2 floors? Next to this building I thought at first was a root cellar...but maybe it was later converted to a well house. All very Blair Witch Project. Although I was alone, it was not dark so all was good. Even though this building was choke full of old tires, I'm happy the kids didn't get to it with their graffiti and beer cans.

Here's an archway from perhaps the old house.

Lastly, the biggest and possibly the newest was a big barn. It had a lock on it otherwise I'd be all up in there.


Anonymous said...

So awesome. Also awesome is that "turtling" is a word.

Colleen said...

I was just gonna say that about turtling.
The small hizouse mighta been for meat storage--did they call them a salt house?--before refrigeration when they salted meat to preserve it and used the stream to keep it cool. I know this because I am an expert on meat. JK!
Or maybe a sugar shack, where they make syrup, but not so much in Jersey...

lioux said...


I was going to say something about turtling, TOO! Learn something new..

Oh. And TOTAL Blair Witch Project®™©™.

[The first BWJ®™©™ though, not so much the second].

Kartek said...

I get to go back again this week. I'm not sure about a meat storage since it has a couple windows and doors. It would seem weird to spend all that money to put windows on a meat shack.

Jules said...

I took a picture of something similar in Ringoes, NJ.
check it out

Jules said...

I took a picture of something similar in Ringoes, NJ.
check it out

Kartek said...

That building definitely had 2 floors and a fireplace. We did find a lilac bush nearby and now I'm all into lilac.