Friday, April 6, 2007

Even more farm animals

I was back at the big estate on Thursday. Although we were pretty much done with the farm part, I felt the need to re-visit it multiple times on Thursday. That and my co-worker Heidi is going through some personal issues and she was silent, sullen, and spaced out all day. On Monday she had run out of the office crying and said that she couldn't even talk about it. Hope all works itself out but I sure was in some desperate need for cheer and real interaction that day.

On Thursday, they had 2 goats out. There was the cute scared white one that had to be on a leash. I just wanted to scoop the white one up in my arms and take it home. The brown one (you can see it's butt on the left side of the pic) could have cared less when I approached it nor take a break from it's tasty grass it was nibbling. I think it was leash-less. When I petted the brown one, it wagged it's tail and when I stopped petting it the tail wagging stopped too. The white one was only able to sniff me and that was too close for it's comfort. Note the homing pigeon's cage/broke down trailer type action in the background. This all brought back a petting zoo memory of when I was a small tot when goats tried to eat my clothes. So I insisted on being carried throughout the petting zoo to escape the nibbling goats.

We checked in with all the horses and they were more friendly this time around. It's funny how every individual animal has it's own personality. One horse kept biting its neighbors for no apparent reason. Then there's the brave one that's always the first to check the new people out. Usually it has a buddy that lags behind and waits for the "all clear" sign and then comes up. Here's a pic of a mom and I guess her year old colt. Very cute and fuzzy from winter. It's neighbor..another horse was so skittish we couldn't even get near the fence and it would bolt. So it was a game of musical cracked corn chairs for those three. Scaredy horse would bolt and run for the farther cracked corn. Mom and colt would run to other cracked corn. Later and repeat.

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Colleen said...

I want a goat! They rule.