Sunday, April 1, 2007

suit and tie not required

I am an environmental consultant in New Jersey. That means I get to spend quite a bit of time outside in the wilds of NJ. Most of time I delineate the boundaries of wetlands. Wetlands are protected so property owners and developers want to know how much wetlands are on their property and where exactly they are. The fun times of years we get to do threatened and endangered species surveys. That includes birds, amphibians, and reptiles surveys. Typical obstacles are thickets of prickers, falling/getting stuck in the water/muck, ticks, mosquitoes, bears and other large animals, and of course people. In this blog, I'll attempt to retell some of the more memorable past field outings and keep you posted on the latest events.

Like this photo. You would never be able to tell from this photo, that's a big bear hangout. That stump in the front of the pic was recently torn up by a bear. There's bear poop everywhere and in the fall, it smelled like a zoo. I get to go back there a few more times and perhaps even at night..yikes.

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