Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chasing butterflies

Back out at the big estate this week. I think we FINALLY finished our wetland delineation there. It was another hot and sticky day. This time we spent more time out in the fields so we had the sun beating down on us and the grasses were radiating heat and more humidity back at us.

A day or two before we had a big rain storm so we were afraid the river would be too flooded for us to work. But everything worked out. The highlights of the day was seeing all the butterflies and my co-worker found 2 dollars in 2 separate spots along the river. Not sure what the deal was I guess a good spot to find money may be along the banks of a river after a flood? Who knew? I was spending too much time trying to take butterfly pics and capturing more toadlets. At the end of the day, I found this beautiful sunflower like plant. The bees and butterflies just were loving it.


Colleen said...

Pretty! Yay flowers & butterflies.

lioux said...

Butterflies are ALMOST as cool as unicorns.