Sunday, August 19, 2007

Field trip, passport not required....yet

Just got back from Coney Island. It was my first outing there cuz I also miss the Mermaid parade! I can never remember when that is. I highly recommend everyone to visit before it gets undergoes a major transformation. I don't know how much of it will be torn down but I am hoping that all the favorites will remain. Do not miss the freak show. It was well worth the few dollars. Also you can't beat the 99 cent coney island museum which is right around the corner. Of course you have astroland, famous nathans, and the cyclone which are entertaining. Plus there is the beach if you are adventurous. I just wish someone would tell me what yellow frosting is covering all those corn on the cobs. It looks like yellow paint. I'm sure some sort of butter/margarine action is going on but it just looks so unnatural.


lioux said...

I've never been to Coney Island myself. Always wanted to check it out though.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - definitely worth the checkout before it goes under construction. However, they need to seriously SERIOUSLY step up the cleaning effort on the beach. It was the dirtiest thing ever this year. I couldn't avoid stepping on garbage at any point! And there were more garbage cans than I've ever seen in one location. I'm talking tampons in the sand.

What they should do is take a page from Asbury. You been there yet since they really cleaned it up? Stellar! And they kept a lot of the old cool stuff. Howard Johnson's sold, but the buyers cleaned it up and kept the architecture.

Sorry this comment was so long.

Colleen said...

Aw sad. They already closed down the extremely awesome Bump Your Ass Off bumper cars, I hear. One of my fave aspects of the beach there is they have dudes coming by selling beers from coolers, also mangoes on sticks.

Kartek said...

The bumper cars are still going, I think. Although I don't recall seeing any bump your ass off signs.

amanda - hate to break it to you, but i've see tampon applicators in the sand in even the more nice NJ beaches. i think they just float in off the water. that and all those combined sewer overflows that dump into the ocean when it rains a lot.

Jules said...

I agree with Amanda, check out Asbury Park! It's really great, you'd love it. Then call me and we'll have a drink together. :)

You can check out my pics of AP here:

Howard Johnson's is included.