Thursday, August 23, 2007

When's the sun coming back?

I'm sure most of you encountered the brutal rain storm last friday. I had the joy of driving towards it on my commute home. Lots of lighting strikes nearby. Close enough for me to scurry past the metal overhanging signs on the highway as we crept along. This was the view through my windshield with the wipers going on the highest setting. I swear I had better visibility with no wipers on a normal rain storm. The weirdest thing is that while all this was going on I could see the sun peeking through one small hole in the clouds. See my horrible pic below.

Needless to say that I haven't had any field work all this week. I won't get out tomorrow either. I'm in the office writing big reports and today I helped lead the discussion about the new regulation proposals.

With all this rain, I'm wondering if this is what life in Seattle must be like.


lioux said...

Thank goodness it's sunny out today.

Colleen said...

I heard about that...we're just having the usual super hot weath.

Jules said...

Maybe I should move to Seattle. Because I freakin' LOVE rain. That week was a great week for me. I know I'm strange.