Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good things

Well Thursday turned out to be a rather mellow day. The dishwasher tech did show up. Woohoo! I had my mom meet him and I showed up later on (I was passing by between sites and thought I'd see how things were going). My mom had laid a series of throw rugs from the kitchen to the front door. She also was putting her feet on my yoga mat as she sat in a chair. She was worried that it might rain and they would make my floor dirty. Plus most of the rugs were from the home country so they were every color of the rainbow. So for at least 30 minutes it looked like gypsies lived at my house.

I went to three sites and they weren't very eventful. I got to walk on a small train tress which reconfirmed my general dislike of heights and the fear of misstepping and falling through. Longest 10 steps I've taken in awhile.

Got to see some deer complete with two fawns at my last site. Our client at this site turned out to be a pretty cool lady so we chatted up a storm. She had 2 cute doggies and an awesome old house on a large piece of land. Plus she had a pond complete with froggies.

Then I finally remembered to simpsonize myself online. It's at Enjoy.

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