Sunday, August 5, 2007

A seige at the castle?

I am not sure what is going on at the infamous yellow castle house in Warren. Nobody has lived there for many years and I thought it would eventually be replaced with one or two McMansions. I'm still kicking myself for not taking a look inside during the last open house or when it was on the market. They tore down the separate garage and as you can tell, they've been digging. There's an excavation company sign out by the road. I just hope that someone bought it and hoping to restore it back to its original glory.


Kimberly Labno said...

This is Kimberly Labno and who are you? How do you know me and that was my home. The taxes have gotten so high it forced my grandfather to sell his home which needed to come down it was falling apart and the wireing could go any day but rest assure it was only one acre of land. I know live in the same way as we all grew up caw farm down the street, woods that are protected and a nice country home.

Kimberly Labno - Clark

Anonymous said...

As for the's just a normal house inside with stucko walls to make it look like a castle on the outside. The roof leaked many years back and wasn't fixed destorying the inside. The wiring and pumbing all need to be replaced and walls would need to come down to fix it. Yes it's cool from the outside but normal on the inside it's all an fake. Not much to save even the outside walls are all cracked and would have to be rebuilt couldn't be saved.

Anonymous said...

holy cow. the yellow house is a-comin' down!! and i never had a chance to trick-or-treat there
:( rrrrrenata

Jules said...

Um wow. How on earth did Kimberly Labno find your blog about her home????

Jules said...

Also is a caw farm like a farm for crows? :)

And HELLO Renata!! Do you remember me???