Sunday, October 28, 2007

The best time of year

I don't know about everyone else, but I love this time of year. Awesome leaf colors, crunching of the leaves, crisp cold air. Nevermind all those pesky bugs dying by the bucket load. I was out at a beautiful site this week. It had a nice rocky stream and it was all wooded. The leaves were splendid. The only problem is that I was super crunched for time. I had an hour there and tried to do as much as possible. I didn't finish so I'll be back next week.

The leaves have been hard to enjoy this week with all this rain. I've been outside at least part of the day most of this week. Driving in the rain during this time of year is precarious. Driving on wet leaves equals driving on a slip n slide. I slid like 20 feet down a hill on wednesday. Thankfully I stopped in time before hitting the car in front of me. The car had stopped short on a hill and it knew there wasn't enough room for me so it moved partially into oncoming traffic.

Then on the drive home in the rain on friday, I came close to a pretty serious accident on the highway. My pack and I were driving along and doing the speed limit since the weather was bad. There were four lanes. I was in the second from the right lane. A van was in the second from the left lane and slightly ahead of me, which left the far left lane open. Then all of a sudden I see this new black mustang next to me. I think it was attempting to pass the van and it started to lose control. It was between the far left and middle left lanes and it was weaving back and forth. Each weave got progressively worse and it was trying to slow down at the same time. Finally it looked like it might spin totally out but it just slammed into the median. I could see the pieces coming off the car I was so close.

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Jules said...

Wow that's crazy. Glad you weren't hurt. As always, I love your pictures. I'm a huge fan of autumn!