Thursday, October 11, 2007

I walk the line

Not my pic above. Most of my pics failed to save. We got a big power line job that goes through several NJ counties. I finally got to experience the madness of walking the line. My coworkers have been walking the line pretty much non-stop the past few weeks. We have to delineate the wetlands within the powerline right of way. That means climbing several mountains, crossing countless fences, crashing through thickets, clammering over logs and cut up trees, and attempting to cross rivers. I lost my favorite sunglasses, sustained numerous cuts, and fell once during this epic adventure. Plus it sure was hot for October. I don't know if it's this time of year but the gnats were circling non-stop. By the afternoon, the breeze started to kick in and it looked like it wanted to rain. Then a bit of thunder and lightning began. Luckily we timed it so that just as we got to the car it started pouring.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing this giant fish jump out of the water a couple times. In my head it was yelling "yee haw!!!!" Another highlight was seeing the leaf color change. It's kicking in up in north jersey right now. I also got to drive my car in the woods...and I mean woods. No real road. I did bump the front end on a stump and it partially ripped off some rubber and made a horrible thud noise. But I put the rubber back on and I think I'm ok.

Below is some milkweed going to seed. I wish I had some time to open some pods up and spread them.


Colleen said...

Good job team! Hope you don't get mutated while hanging out under the power lines. Or at least hope you get some superpowers that way.

Jules said...

I LOVE the picture you took of the powerlines. It's really beautiful.

Kartek said...

I didn't take that pic of the powerlines. I found that one on the internets since my pics didn't turn out.