Thursday, October 18, 2007

Line walking Part II

I'm having one of those weeks where I feel like I'm never home. I mean I sleep at home but that's about it. Stuff is starting to pile up....laundry, dishes, garbage, recycling, etc. But I managed to escape from work early today so I'm busy catching up while checking work email.
I was out walking the line again this week. I lost a second pair of sunglasses and had another good couple falls. I did remember my real camera so I got to take some pics of the awesome views we get. Look at this soft dried grass (top pic). Looks like a perfect nature bed.

We haven't seen any bears yet. Although there was something big going through the brush early in the day. Probably just a deer but you never know. Birdman, my companion for the day, brought bear mace. I had a good chuckle because he just left it in the truck. So I'm not sure what he was planning to do if there was a dangerous bear encounter....Is he going to say to the bear "Can you hold that thought while I hike a long way back to the truck?"


Jules said...

That soft dried grass picture looks so welcoming.

I hope you find your sunglasses!

Kartek said...

Sunglasses are both gone forever. I did fix the hole in my vest...which probably led to my loss of both pairs.