Monday, October 22, 2007

Eye spy a salamander

Well this week has gotten off to a rotten start. On sunday, when I put my right contact in, it burned. I thought it might be because I forgot to rinse it off. So I rinsed it and tried again. It burned again but I just waited it out and eventually it stopped. Today I put a different contact in (cuz maybe it's a small tear in the contact or something like that) and it didn't that moment. But I could see my eye was quite bloodshot in one area...the area of the previous burning area. I could feel that my eye isn't right and I can see a little bump. I think it's just a scratch and swollen at the scratch. So tomorrow I probably unfortunately will be wearing my glasses. Not that I hate the way I look in them. I just hate the way that glasses feel...heavy and hot. I can already hear my mother now "I told you not to rub your eyes!!!"

But on the bright side, last week I found a young-in spotted salamander. I've seen a bunch but I have never personally caught on.


Jules said...

Salamander is adorable.

Also, are you having any blurred vision? If so, see a doctor. You may need antibiotics.

Hope you feel better!

Kartek said...

No blurriness...just discomfort and I can see a little swelling in one part of my eye. But I think the redness has gone down a little probably because the contact is out.

Colleen said...

Hope your eye mends up fast.
If you need any more small reptiles just come visit me!