Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A little bit of everything

I finally had a real field outing in what feels like weeks. I was out solo at a pretty big site close to home. I'm familiar with the area so I knew what I would be in for. The woods would have large trees with not much understory since it would all be eaten by deer and in the open spots it would like 100% invasive nasty thorny shrub species. This held true at this place.

The place is some sort of physical rehab center and I had to check in with the office. Thankfully I wasn't escorted around but the woman felt the need to tell me to watch out for the resident bear and that the deer were friendly (?ok??) and the sheep (double ???) were also friendly. I told her I was familiar with all and that I would be fine. I was on bear alert for the first hour and then after not seeing any signs of bears I mellowed out. But at one point I stopped to sit on the corner of a wall where two roads intersected. At first, the spot seemed fine but then it became stinkier and stinkier. I'm thinking if the bear was around it probably marked the spot and that's why it's so stinky. So I moved from that spot.

The site borders a large dammed lake with an old road around it. There's this fancy gate and some sort of sheep fountain. It was misting most of the morning but for whatever reason there are orbs in these first 3 pics. I would like to think they are ghosts but it's probably reflections off the mist. This road took a lot of work to put in with perfect rock walls on both sides. And everything is still in pretty good shape. It was so steep to the lake I couldn't even see it most of the time. All I saw was a slope covered by wisteria and was wondering how I would ever be able to hang flags down there in the right spots...anyone got mountain climing gear?

I had a few near falling situations on the steep slopes that are covered by rocks ranging in the size from gravel to the fist sized. You can see how steep the woods are in this pic.

Above is the big dam. I ventured out onto a small part of it and tried not to think about how high it was. This lake sure is going to be beautiful once the leaves change color on a sunny day.

Here's some ancient farm trailer complete with broken fan and other junk.


Colleen said...

Pretty! Where was this? What's a sheep fountain? Do lambs come out of it?

Kartek said...

Actually these weird things are part of a weird nj site. If we get the next phase of work, I'll be checking it out more.

The sheep thing is above what looks like an old fountain/wishing well on a concrete gate.

Jules said...

I love the pictures. Can you tell me where this is located. I'd love to take pics there!