Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Mommy zone

Workwise, I spent the week working on big reports and going to meetings. No outside fun work for me. Next week I do have one day scheduled outside and it should be pretty nice. But again, more meetings and big reports are the main focus.
At home, I've spent many hours watching my painted turtles Peanut and Cashew, so that partially explains my absence from blog country. Just like a new mommy....except different. I had the unpleasant task of cleaning their tank yesterday. Since then, I have decided to feed them in a separate tupperware to help reduce the mess. That means only one feeding a day for them during the week. But they were totally uninterested in eating this morning aside from the shrimp, which is really just supposed to be treats. I use it as appetizer for them. One shrimp each and then they should be gulping down real food. I measured and attempted to weigh them on a postage scale. The scale didn't budge at all. Peanut, the little one, has lost his egg tooth and his shell is very fat. Cashew, the big one, still has his egg tooth, and his shell is much more flat. My co-worker claims his baby turtle is a girl. But really at this age, you can't tell. For whatever reason, I refer to my turtlets as boys.


Colleen said...

Don't they have a shape on the bottom of their shell and that's how you can tell if they're male or female? No, that's crabs, isn't it.
Are you still planning to send them back to naitch when they're ready? They might just find you again to get more shrimp treats.

Jules said...

You sound very maternal. Very sweet picture! So cute.

Kartek said...

You can totally tell in adult turtles whether they are boy or girl via the bottom of their shell. It's when they are babies and like an inch long, those characteristics are not as apparent.