Sunday, September 23, 2007

Non-naitch garden

I was in Philadelpia this weekend with BFF Patty and her BF. We went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute. We both hadn't been in Philly for over a decade (not counting the 76er's game a couple years back). The King Tut exhibit was cool and super jam packed. If there hadn't been an audio tour (which we did not partake in), I think it would have been much less crowded. Too many people just standing and doing nothing. Nevermind the children who were too young (Daddy when are we going on? repeat upon entry of each room) or not interested (facing opposite direction of exhibit item) and the strollers. Lots of amazingly inscribed very detailed golden objects from King Tut's tomb and his great grandparents? tombs. No King Tut himself (too fragile) or the stretched out horse/dragon? thing I always see in the old pictures.

We also learned that drivers have much less patience in Philly. Once the light immediately turns green, you must accelerate regardless of crossing peds or other obstructions. And those alley ways that are actual roads! Also, shortest yellow lights ever. We were also unaware that some roads were two lanes since the white lines were nearly invisible.

Afterwards we ventured to South Street, since it had been cool to us like 10 years ago. Took forever to find parking but we finally found a spot. Grabbed a bite to eat and ventured in a few shops. On a walk from the far parking spot, we found this garden of glass, mosaics, mirrors, and other objects. It's the Magic Garden . You have to pay a small entrance fee but it leads you to a maze that just seems to go on and on.


Colleen said...

Ha! Reminds me of that scary sculpture on Avenue B in the East Village, you know made out of all the scary old stuffed animals & found objects?

Jules said...

Very cool, nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Colleen, you beat me to it! Totally thinking the same thing. Except that is way cooler. Don't you love when you stumble on places that end up being better than your intended destination?

Kartek said...

Thanks Jules. I forgot to add in my blog the question of whether there is a max of bad luck from breaking mirrors? Because this guy must have a zillion years of bad luck.