Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have a headache this big

This week's lack of outside time has made each day a carbon copy of each other. Turtle talk at the office has simmered down. Seems like everyone else's turtlets have eaten except mine. I spent an hour watching them tonight in hopes of getting insight into their needs. I've seen both nip at the water but no contact was made with food. I'm hoping tomorrow is the day of the feeding frenzy. Their water temperature should be warmer by tomorrow and I think that's key for their feeding. Who knows? I see that they have pooped in the water so that must be a good sign?

In the meantime, we had a common yellowthroat bird fly into the office window. It was stunned and on the ground. My coworker, birdman, and I were there for the rescue. The bird was lazily perched on my coworker's hand and of course it flew back into the window at least 2 more times. Finally we moved it closer to the woods and it sure looked dizzy. One eye was slightly closed but it eventually perked up and flew off.

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