Sunday, September 9, 2007

Guns and sunflowers, perfect together

Field work has still been relatively slow and uneventful. I guess it's the late summer doldrums. I'm really looking forward to the leaf color change. But in the meantime I see that tickseed sunflowers are in full bloom. They were the highlight of my short walk through my local wetland this weekend. It's so dry and everything just aches for some rain. It has that sort of rotten smell in the air from lack of rain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get some tomorrow.

In other news, the office witnessed some drama this past week. A violent crime happened during the day within spitting distance of the office. Not one was killed but it scary enough considering it's a relatively quiet area. I mean people leave their car doors unlocked in our parking lot so it's a relatively safe area. Then I read in the paper that some guy shot his girlfriend and then himself at a nearby upscale mall. There's a lot of weird crime going around in NJ lately.


Colleen said...

Beautiful! The flowers, not the violent crime.

lioux said...

Tell me 'bout it Kartek!

It's been like WeirdER NJ lately!