Thursday, September 13, 2007

I boycott surveys

I don't think I'm the only person in the world that hates surveys. I know I've been tagged by Jules to complete her survey, I just can't bring myself to. If I had been tagged with some non-survey action, I'd be game. Between my caffeine withdrawal headache and my hellish morning commute through 2 separate highway accidents involving 5 cars and 2 closed lanes, my brain is fried.

I never was a big fan of surveys. It finally came to a real dislike last year when I was dating this nutter butter who would rather complete daily (!!!) lengthy surveys on myspace then maintain email contact. It was like pulling teeth with him to get an email conversation going. He seemed fine in person and on the phone, but considering he was an english lit major, it surprised me that his email skills were so poor. Plus he revealed some not so flattering bits of information on those surveys. Needless to say he was soon kicked to the curb and his nutter butterness was later confirmed by a independent non-romantic outsider.

Plus this whole tagging reminds me of an unpleasant email chain action that I also boycott. I'm talking about those "Hey girlfriend, I love you like a sister. You are such a good friend" email chains that asks you to email it to your closest 6 friends. Funny thing is that those nauseating emails tend to come from friends who are not real friends at all....they just enough names to fill their email chain quota.


Colleen said...

I knew you would be reminded of that guy! Mr. 10 Surveys a Day But No Emailey.

Jules said...

Sorry to bring back bad memories. The woman that tagged me is very sweet so I figured I'd do it. I'm not generally a big survey person either. And those forwards you are referring to infuriate me.

Anyway, have a good weekend.

Kartek said...

Thanks Jules. I'm not traumatized by your request. My memories of that whacko generally result in me smiling, shaking my head, and internal thoughts of "He's out of order!" Kind of like whenever I see britney, paris, or lindsey's latest debaucle.