Monday, September 17, 2007

Introducing Cashew and Peanut

After some thought, I've decided to foster two turtlets . My co-worker had 15 turtlets from eggs he hatched and the nests he dug up in his lawn. All but one have been adopted. So here's Cashew and Peanut. Cashew is the bigger one and Peanut is the tiny one. I plan on keeping them until I feel they are big enough to adequately defend themselves in the wild. I already have the perfect pond in mind for their hopefully permanent home. Tonight is the first night they will be in the new pad. They have no interest in the food that I gave them. I'm hoping they are still working on that internal yolk. These two were the most active out of the bunch. Then there was Sleepy, who spent most of the day napping and when he accidentally got flipped over he made no attempt to right himself. Sleepy and a companion are being relocated to an artificial pond. Hopefully, Sleepy will be able to swim away from any hungry large green frogs. Birdman was progressively more disgruntled as the day went on. I was turtlet lifeguard and ambassador since they were right by my desk again. I tried to convince each passing co-worker to adopt them as they passed my desk and pointed out Sleepy and his bunch. I also pointed out my turtlets and told them their names. By the end of the day, birdman's face was bright red and he was ready to snap. Birdman feels that even fostering is wrong since the weak turtlets are a food source and would be depriving predators.

I'm Cashew. I'm more mellow than that rascal Peanut.

Cowabunga dude! I'm Peanut and I already gave my new mom a scare by immediately swimming behind the filter system.