Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First snow of the season

I don't know if everyone else was as shocked as I was to wake up monday morning and seeing a blanket of white everywhere. I figured it wasn't sticking to the roads so I left without my snowboots and immediately regretted it when I stepped in 2 inches of slush in the parking lot. I decided that I was too lazy to brush the snow off my car, which I also regretted since it didn't melt/fall off until most of the way to the office. It snowed heavily most of the day and even more so up north at the office. We got like 4 inches by home and nearly 6 inches by work. But it was the pleasant snow that barely stuck to the roads...that is except the office parking lot which was a mess and the sidewalks were no better. But they got the crews out by the afternoon. Of course it almost all melted by now.

It sure was fun seeing trees with leaves covered in snow. I wish I had some pics of the bright red maples.


Jules said...

I'm jealous. All we got was rain. Beautiful pictures as always!

Kartek said...

Thanks. LOL. Those pics were taken with a point and shoot through glass...lazy style.

Colleen said...

Gorgeous! I am jealous! Last time it snowed here was the '60s or something, I think.