Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just another shack

So I've been chomping at the bit to get out to the site I visited last month after I learned of the neighboring property's weirdness factor. Also, to view the beautiful lake. I also wanted to bring my boss because I know he enjoys that stuff too. Sadly we missed lovely fall foliage but it still was beautiful.
Somebody cleared all the vines off the old gate. Must have been a lot of work.
Here's the estate house I didn't get to see last time. Just for the record, no trespassing occurred. All those signs and threats of motion detectors and cameras were enough to stop us at the property line.
What you can't see in the pictures are the few vultures sitting on the roof. One was sunning itself with its wings wide open. Check the stairs to get to the joint.

I know that I wish this place would be restored and opened as some sort of hotel. They sure don't build homes like this anymore. It'd be a great place for parties and weddings...just throwing out some ideas here.


Colleen said...

WOAH! omg. i may have to take over that place as my jersey estate.

Jules said...

That place looks so cool that I googled it. Check out this site:

Pretty spooky legends. And did you see people patrolling the property on horses?

In your first picture, there is a shadow by the gate. Is that your shadow? It kinda looks like an animal or something.

Jules said...

Also, check this out:

Kartek said...

Yup. After my first visit, I realized what this place was so I was anxious to take a real look at it. I've seen the websites and the youtube clips. I can't say I saw any patrols but I would imagine that would take place at night. That shadow in the first pic I believe is from the concrete gate. It wraps around to form a real gate. The wrought iron gate is off its hinges.