Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just a coincidence or more?

A weird thing happened to me on Tuesday night. My dreams are a lot like Desmond's from Lost psychic flashs. I'm not saying I'm psychic, but that my dreams are like scattered moments and when put together they usually don't make a whole lot of sense. There may be things or people that carry over from moment to moment.

On Tuesday night, I had a dream about a friend's dog, who is the boxer in the pic. Now it wasn't that I had dogs, him, the owners, etc. even on my mind the night or day before. Because I hear that whatever you thought of last before you fall asleep might find itself in your dreams.

I dreamt we were in the woods and he was without a leash. We were in an area that reminded me of my parent's backyard. I was worried that if we encountered a bear he would go after the bear. Bears are recurring topics in a good chunk of my dreams. I was periodically pulling him by his collar or at least debating whether to lead him just using his collar rather than trusting him to remain with me. Then the second moment is of us trying to locate another dog (the black lab) and somehow we were heading to the lawn of my parent's backyard from the woods. I didn't think anything of this dream, but I emailed my friend to relay the dream. What do you know but the dog had run off that very night without his leash. He was found the next morning and carrying a bow tie in his mouth. It would just be too much if that bow tie came from some neighbor's decorative bear or something.


Jules said...

That's pretty cool. I have had many dreams that came true as well.

Also, I LOVE Lost! Glad to see your a fan also!

Colleen said...

I've had that happen before, too! I feel like this is from the big chunk of our brains that we don't know how to use.

Jules said...

Also, if it hadn't been for a dream, I probably wouldn't be married to Pete right now!