Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby-fest continues

We were turtling today. Again, no turtles for me. But that's fine. I have my own collection of frogs for my entertainment. We got to see another fawn and before I could pet it, it took off. Then my newest co-worker stumbled upon this baby screech owl (above). He scared off the parents and the baby was left alone. Baby was snapping its beak, pooping, and making weird baby screechy noises. Very cute. We were like the paparazzi below it. Five different cameras were all going off.

We then ventured off to a turtle control site. It's a place where there are known records for this rare turtle. It was tough to find it, but I managed to find the spot and called everyone over. It lead a series of bottomless pit areas. Everyone "took a drink" at some point. Y'know when you overtop your boot. It was real tough walking in this muck. You take one step and sink down...possibly endless unless you find a lucky rock. Then you attempt to extract the back foot by wiggling it around to loosen it. Kind of like walking in peanut butter or very thick choco pudding. Then attempting to find our way back to the car, we scared a robin's nest and the two chicks jumped out of the nest. They can't fly yet so we scooped them up and replaced them. Here's my chick I rescued..all squeaking and upset. Although it's looking pretty serene in this pic.

If you haven't noticed, a bunch of flowers are out in bloom. It's great. The autumn olive shrubs are finishing up. But they give the air a strawberry marshmallow smell. It's awesome.

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