Sunday, May 20, 2007


My work occasionally sends me to the urban environments. I don't particularly enjoy these garbage ridden, stinky, traffic snarled, and sketchy people environments. But the Bayonne site I went to, was actually a positive experience. It's the big Military Ocean Terminal peninsula that they are looking to redevelop it with basically a new town. I'm sure it'll be way outside my price bracket but it looks well planned with pedestrian walkways along the water, open space, public transportation, and a mix of residential and shops. You get views of the water, a golf course that looks like Scotland, the Verrazano Bridge, and of course Manhattan.

While there, I did some snooping around and found the Intrepid aircraft carrier in dry dock. I didn't take a pic since it's not that exciting. They also had a 9/11 memorial that was a present from Russia. This memorial for whatever reason freaks me out a bit. It's giant and I feel like that big silver teardrop is about to fall on me. And the big pic of Putin there makes him look like he's planning something. But maybe he's just not a smiley type of guy.

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Colleen said...

Also why does it look like a giant vag?