Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Today I was back out doing the grassland bird survey. Too much walking again but we stumbled upon two fawns. The top one probably was just hours old. We scared the hell out of mom and she took off running and exacuating her bladder as well. Maybe it's a way for her to find her way back to her baby. The bottom fawn was in full still mode and I even petted it a couple times. I had heard you can pick them up when they are small. But I knew the fawn would hate so I reluctantly left it alone.

BTW my red-headed woodpecker is still around but he's being coy. He just kept his distance even when we played his call on our "heckle-box" as birdman calls it. It's this giant speaker attached to a mp3 player. When you play a species call, it's supposed to cause them to come closer to try and fight this invader. No such luck this time. We probably played the call way too loud and scared it.

Yesterday, we were turtling and didn't find a single turtle. But we did find a red-winged blackbird nest complete with cute light blue eggs. Looked like easter candy malt balls. Then at home, I saw the cutest baby bunny which was smaller than my fist. I wanted to catch it and snorge it but it got away.


lioux said...





Kartek said...

I know....I wish it would stay that size and I could have it as a pet. Next year, I'm totally going to have to hold one. I think they are already getting too big to hold...that and they run away.

Colleen said...

send to cute overload

Jules said...

Wow. I really can't get over how luck you are. I would love to pet a baby fawn and get paid for it. Wow. Beautiful pictures.