Sunday, May 13, 2007

Turtle love connex

I was out turtling again last thursday. Unfortunately my phone died very early on and I didn't bring a real camera. Just as well since it was a lackluster turtle day for myself. The rest of the gang did great. We...I mean THEY found 11 turtles. I found only 2. I went the whole morning without finding any turtles and was having my own pity party..."I'll never find a turtle and I won't find any this season. Waah." Everyone else was finding them everywhere and just a few feet from where I was walking. But finally I found 2 in the afternoon. Phew. So these little guys seem to be on the prowl. I hooked these 2 kids up. I'm hoping these 2 hook up since they found them so close. The boy in this pic is the box turtle in my previous post.

You can tell a boy from a girl by looking at their bellies. If there's an indentation, that's a boy. Girls have a flat belly.


lioux said...

I never knew that's how you tell a boy turtle from a girl turtle.

Colleen said...

The ones we used to find when I was a kid, I thought it had to do with the marking on their underside...guys had a shape like the Washington Monument...I'm not trying to make a dirty joke, this is really what I seem to recall about this.

And I find it's when you're not looking that you finally find the turtles. Heh.

Kartek said...

Different species of turtles have different markings on their bellies. And of course every turtle is slightly different.