Monday, May 28, 2007

My other job

The past month or so 99% of my free time has been devoted to installing laminate floors in my condo. Everyplace except the bathroom has been transformed. I've had my fair share of numerous muscle aches, bruises, scrapes, and bonked fingers. If anyone is looking to lose weight, I highly recommed a major project like this. Between this project and my field work, I think I've lost between 5 and 10 pounds. Besides the laminate floors, I also felt the need to repaint most everything. The painting was a major project. I still am on touchup duty after putting in the trim and accidentally bonking the walls with the hammer.

Then to add to my challenge, I had to lay down plywood everywhere except the kitchen and front entrance. That way I wouldn't have to remove the unbreakable ceramic tile and 3 layers of linoleum.

All I have left is some door molding, which I need to special order, and other odds and ends. Somehow, all by myself I managed to install the flooring in the kitchen. That meant I had to jump the oven and the fridge over the flooring. But I would be still working on the plywood if not for my fabulous friends and family. Everyone had their own special talent. Cheryl was the most determined and Ben, her boyfriend, provided the needed brute strength. YL Steve was the best cutter and Patty was the most improved and the best sander. Cokane was the best carpet cutter.


lioux said...

Wow. It looks awesome!

Colleen said...

YEAH, kar TEK!!!!
Congratulations. You should now talk about your floor whenever other people try to talk about their kids.

Jules said...

Awesome job. Looks like a beautiful place. Congrats! That's something to be very proud of.