Monday, May 21, 2007

Frustration central, how may I direct your call

The past day or so has been choke full of random frustrating moments. First I finally confronted my father on the damage he and my brother caused to my albiet old VW golf. They drove the golf over the ramps and it caused some dents. They neglected to tell me and I had to ask what happened. I guess they were hoping I didn't notice it and y'know since I'm a girl I wouldn't know the difference. It's funny that they caused more damage to my car in 11 years than I ever have. First, my father refused to apologize. His reasoning is that if it's an accident, then no apology is needed. Um. Ok? So if I intend on doing something, why would I apologize for doing so. And of course he has no intention on paying for the repairs. Nevermind the fact, it raises the question of what other damage has those two monkeys caused, that I haven't noticed. So I'm helping myself to all his tools he left at my place during my laminate floor installation. Yes. I am intentionally taking his tools and I have no apologies...consider them hostages.Then last night at about 4 am, WWIII began at my condo. Or at least it sounded like that. A helicoptor was flying low over my condo and the surrounding area...for about an hour straight. All my bottles and glass objects suctioned to my windows were shaking and rattling for the entire time. Then it culminated in a final super low flight over my condo with sirens following it. Ok. So what the hell was that about? Is there a suspect on the run? Is the copter about to go down? Are we being invaded by Pennsylvania? No idea. And I had taken a nyquil last night since my allergies were bad. So it was loud enough to wake me from that nyquil coma.

Then they are paving my parking area. It never fails that right when I leave the house in the morning, they are doing something right in my spot. So I have no place to walk. Last week, it was a massive grinding machine spitting asphalt bits. Today it was heaping un-smushed piles of asphalt. I had to take a flying leap over this steaming and sticky mess. All I know is that asphalt is officially gross. Then I get home and my garage is wide open for no reason. The guys disengaged my automatic opener (without my permission) and I can't get it back. So I call the condo association and they're closed (must be nice). I leave a lovely message and then I call the paving company. I get a human and she's takes my info. Time for round 2 with the opener. I pull my rav4 out of the garage and park it on the street (cuz you are not supposed to be in newly paved area and I proceed to get asphalt bits all over it). I am wrangling the opener and finally a reprieve. Two burly paving guys come walking over and save the day. They fix the opener and peace has been restored.


lioux said...


One of my brothers caused a bunch of damage to my old car...which he never finished paying back to me.


I'm things seemed to work out okay for you though.

Colleen said...

Sounds kinda like my place, where the construction surrounding and rattling my building starts at 7 am, Mon-Sat. We had a lot of that chopper action after the shit in 2001.