Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I found my boy

See that look in my eye. That's cuz I just found another turtle and one of the three musketeers is taking a picture. Same old story. I see the three muskateers (the three guy co-workers clique) at the one site and curse them to myself. I go to the other site and find nothing. So I begrudgingly go back to their site. They've had a big head start and as soon as I step on to the site I see a snake (Woo-hoo!). Then another few steps and I get a turtle! I announce it and I can hear the groans "I was JUST looking there for 45 minutes". I finally got a male and his name is Bob. Bob is real shy so I never get a chance to see him fully out. I try to carry him around for a bit to see if he'll show himself, but he just keeps his feet out enough to stabilize himself on my palm. Very gentle and sweet. Then I put him down and he disappears into the mud.
My other find of the day was not while turtling. I found this walkie talkie in the mud. Very muddy and wet. After four wet naps, it was still gross to handle. But every hour it improves as it dries out. It turns on and lights up but that's it.


Jules said...

Congrats again! What are these very rare turtles called?

I am about to post a blog about my day in the park and included you in it as I was hoping you could tell me what kind of bird we spotted.

Thanks! :)

Kartek said...

They're called bog turtles. We are supposed to keep their locations top secret so y'know. Although the brilliant NJ Department of Protection pretty much has published a map of NJ with their locations which is available to the public.