Saturday, June 30, 2007

Naitch's real fruit snacks

One of the bonuses of working outside this time of year is that there are bountiful supplies of naitch's fruit snacks. The black raspberries (above) are right at peak. Last friday I did more munching that working at a site near Princeton. I really should bring tupperware out with my to collect this little gems. But then I really won't be doing any work. It does gross me out ever once in awhile to spot an ant secretly munching on one. They are so camoflauged that I am convinced that I have eaten ants (again...naitch's snacks..just not the fruit kind). I can only imagine what the ant is thinking finding this yummy food that's like 20 times its size.

The blackberries need some more time to ripen. Fine by me with the ample black raspberries and the blueberries coming into season. Yum.

Only bummer, if you could even call it that, is the ample seeds in my teeth. I will say these berries sure beat eating cattails any day.


Colleen said...

awesome. pick a bunch and sell em at a farmers' market! freelance income!

Kartek said...

I had a tupperware with my today all ready to make a pie. Then the farmer came by in his sprayer and was spraying herbicide all over the joint. So game over for picking the berries. I don't want herbicide on the berries. I was already covered by it.

Jules said...

Yum. I love the first picture you took. Great colors!

lioux said...