Sunday, June 3, 2007

Struck turtle gold again!

Kids I did it again today. This morning I shut my alarm off and decided I wasn't going to go out. But then I woke up much later and said "what the hell". We only have 2 weeks left in the season and I knew I would regret not going out. Thankfully, it was much cooler and cloudy today. I was driving by the first site and saw my bosses' truck. So I called her and said "Hey. I'm heading to the other site." and she goes "No. I need help. I found 2 small female turtles and I need help marking them." So I turn around and rush over. The 2 turtles were teenagers and extra cute. I help her mark and measure them. She takes off and I stay to do some half-hearted turtleing (since she had already looked). btw my coworker who was turtle-less found one there that morning, but lost it (fell out of his pocket) and didn't take a picture. He was waiting for my boss to come to mark it. Silly boy. So he has no evidence that he found this turtle and I'm sure he will get hell from his co-workers. Ok. Back to my adventure. No less than 10 minutes after my boss left, I found a turtle. Woohoo! And she was super worn down and had not been marked. She comes back and we do our thing. And she realizes that grandma is carrying eggs. You go Bea (that's her name in homage to Bea Arthur). I assume grandma by her shell being so worn down. Bonus! So newbie, I'm coming for you. And I will knock you to the ground if we both spot the same turtle.

p.s. I did wash that shirt from yesterday. I can't say it's my lucky shirt since it's failed me so many times before. But it's the perfect field shirt and it's from Davis, CA. So I harnessing the powers of my advisor Eliska to find these turtles.


lioux said...

Do you ever go Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtling®™©™?!

Kartek said...

I have not gone Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtling. That would be EXTREME and I would get my ass kicked. Although I will say it won't be hard to find them since they are human sized.